ATTENTION: We are conducting a letter campaign to try and get the Pa Fish & Boat Commission, who reclassified section 3 of East Fork Sinnemahoning Creek to Class A Trout Stream last year, to reconsider the classification or allowing us to stock it. The East Fork Sportsmen’s Club is not be able to stock that section from Wildboy Run to Camp Run. You can get a copy from officers, local businesses, or download it here > (Letter to PA Fish and Boat Commission). Please fill in some personal information, sign, and mail it.


HISTORY: Pollution and the stench of waste materials dumped from the paper mill in Austin and the tannery in Costello, into the streams along Route 872 South towards Wharton, prompted 16 men to meet on March 11, 1938 to form the East Fork Sportsman’s Association. The total membership in 1938 was 55 members. The  annual dues in 1938 was $1.00.  By 1973 the club membership had grown to include 46 (local members) and 523 (non-local members) The initial cost of the fish ponds in 1976 was $4,234.04.  The first fish were placed in the new ponds on July 15, 1976. (2,000 total) By 1984, the club membership had grown to 662 members.  Today, the members raise more than 12,000 trout fingerlings for stocking throughout the area.  The club also puts on their annual children’s fishing derby and BBQ, which registers around 200 kids each year.  This provides kids (age 12 and under) the opportunity to not only fish for the stocked trout, but also the chance to win door prizes.

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